:att'n: Sumiko The ARM MDC-800 Counterweights WANTED :wave2:

:att'n: Sumiko The ARM MDC-800 Counterweights WANTED

Dear Friends, :wave2:

I have a Sota table with the Fletcher Sumiko The ARM. I have replaced the cartridge with another brand, only to find out that the weights of the cartridges were so vastly different that my tonearm flys up into the air now, even with the counterweight pushed all of the way toward the pivot point.

At the time they were distributed and sold, there were, I believe, six counterweights available for this tonearm. Had I know, I would have purchased the set. I am in need of the other counterweights, or at least one much lighter than the one I have.

:magnify: Can you help me locate the Fletcher Sumiko The ARM (model # MDC-800) counterweight(s)? Thank you.


Steven Banas :wave2:

[email protected]
:D much simpler, cheaper and easier, for you to try additional weights generally available fom cart sellers to go between cart and h/shell to increase mass so you can ballance the arm, cart;) cheers and good luck. T.C., B.TW you should have posted this question over on vinyl asylum, or the vinyl engine, l'm sure the response would have been the same...., no disrespect to this forum and its members.......:bigeyes: