Attaching SMD to prototype board is driving me Crazy...


2013-02-23 4:31 am
Ok so I have Sot-23-8 or TSSOP ICs and they are to small to hand solder, I've Looked at "Solder Paste" but It's thick like Bread Dough, even the syringe type and seems only good if your using a stencle.... What would be your thoughts on using a "circuit Board repair paint" such as MGchemicals Silver print (.2 ohms) painting the bottom side pins of the IC, then quickly making sure there's no bridgeing and "sticking" the IC down on the Printed Circuit board pads... Any thoughts or Other sugestions would be appreciated....
I've had some success with using flux gel also - it sticks the package to the pads while you solder. The trick is to load your iron with a blob first and solder just one corner first, then make sure the other pads are all lined up before running a line of solder down each edge. If you're lucky you may find that the flux does the trick and you get a nice soldered joint on each leg. If you do bridge then you can fix it with solder braid, working away from the chip so you don't lift a leg. In some cases I've actually flooded the whole side of the chip then cleaned up with braid.

I found this guide handy