AT 92cde Cart

Bought one of these Rascals a few weeks ago on a lark.
Hey! 20$! delivered... from Amazon.
Spent this morning Cart Rolling.
This Cheapy is Good ! Massively so for 20$ One would have to spend a lot larger to equal it.
My Shure m95 HE is sad sounding, in direct comparison: thumpa, thumpa with annoyingly constrained highs, ditto with My Grado Black, although it has a bit more 'highs' than the Shure.. but not many more.
Mebe an AT 95 ? but it being a bit older has a wee bit larger stylus tip. May make a difference? dunno.
AT 95 VL (from LP gear) IS better.
Have one of those...however the 92 is within ~90% of it ;)
The 92cde however is a P mount (with included adaptor) but the resulting mounting using it's adaptor.. is Very oddly angled.
Took ..all.. of the adjustment range on my Thorens TP50 headshell to get it right. Head shell has a 7 degree downslope as result. Not overly elegant looking
If I were to continue using it, I would needs DIY a better suited / angled cart adaptor. Seemingly it would fairly easy to do.
No biggie.. this is a DIY forum.
Sooo If on a budget and want a surprisingly good cart for almost No $$ .. this one is a V good choice.
Hope that helps someone.

edit: DIY'd a wee /minimalist ali cart mount.. sawed up the adaptor in process.
Darned if the thing doesn't sound even better.. using exact angles and the more rigid mount.
On the system it's fitted to .. In My ears it's proving every bit as good as the AT95 VL I just bought/tried .
Am expecting the 95VL to outperform the 92 on the He Man rig.. Maybe??
Am ordering a 'spare' AT92 though
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