Assistance with driver unit selection, sealed 2-way 20L enclosure.

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So, this is perhaps a bit backward, but here goes:

What I have on hand is a completed, sealed enclosure 239mm (~9.41") wide, with an internal volume of 20 liters (~0.706ft³). My original intentions was to build a 2-way system into said, finished enclosure.

Can anyone with some experience point me in the right direction of suitable drive units that might work in this setup?

Although it is 20L as it stands right now, I'm open to the option of reducing the internal volume if needed, however in terms of finish I would prefer not having to cut out a port.

Thanks in advance.
Seas CA22RNX should work in a 20ltr sealed. According to my sims I get a box Q of 1, but you could add stuffing if you wanted to bring it down a bit.

You would need quite a robust tweeter to cross over to an 8" woofer, so something like the SB Acoustic SB29RDC, Dayton RS28F or the Monacor DT300 would be worth looking at.
Thanks. This may be incredibly stupid, but could you use something like the full tone drive unit used in linkwitz lxmini to bridge the gap?

I can't see why not. Something like the Visaton B80 should work. Supposed to be a cracking driver too.

EDIT: Just remembered, you'd need a separate enclosure for the B80. Which would mean losing some cabinet volume. 2ltrs should be enough for the B80.
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Thanks for the input. I'm playing around with online calculators, how accurate would you rate their volume and sealed/vented results?

The lxmini set (drivers only) are on sale @ ~$220 dollars atm. According to preliminary calculations that unit should in theory work in a 20l enclosure, and the full range on an open baffle above?
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Dayton RS225-8 in a 24L works very well as sealed. Probably still ok at 20L, perhaps a tad less bass extension. Then go to next size smaller is RS180P-8 (a very smooth low distortion driver).

Here are some results for a 24L sealed with passive xo - no EQ.

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