Asathor - a JBL 4367 Clone

It is usually the case with Tymphany that they still produce a driver but with minimum order quantity. If minimum order quantity is 50-100 pieces it is effectively discontinued for diy purpose.

I can only hope it will be available for purchase by piece but i really doubt it.
This has been true ever since Vifa became available for the diy market, I think. At least in Germany and over here too local distributors have played quite a role to establish that. So essentially Tymphany is continuing an old tradition there.


2018-03-24 12:34 pm
Unfortunately, this is true for many drivers from Tymphany. For the tweeters, however, it is due to the current supply problems.
I know the German distribution of Tymphany very well and therefore know that at the moment there are delivery problems for very many parts, because the raw materials are only available at very high prices. Unfortunately, nobody knows when this situation will change.

But with the LaVoce DF10.172M you have a really great alternative, which I like even a bit better.
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Hi, Im looking for a speaker that can give more mid bass punch for rock, soul and hip hop music in my 28x28 foot basement. I currently have Troels Ekta MKii. It has really great mid range resolution but lacks mid bass in a room this size. I have added 2 8inch ported subs to the equation but still doesnt give what im after. I have a feeling nothing will until i have much larger woofers to energize the room. I have verified availability and everything is there to be purchased. Just have to order the tweeters from Italy. Any guidance is appreciated!
So I tried putting the sub crossover at 80 hz and raising the level a good bit. It definitely makes for more impressive bass. Still articulate and more natural than I expected. The only way I have ever adjusted subs is to bascially match and extend the mains roll off. Just adjusting for the bass I actually wanted never occurred to me… This is also my first room where too much bass wasn't the problem. Thanks for the help. What would some generalizations be about moving from a speaker system like I currently have a pair of Asathor?
The Ekta MKii probably is a wider dispersion speaker, which makes for more early reflections. Although this is detrimental to the faithful playback of the recording, many people prefer the added ambient, which can be perceived as "spatiality". The width of the phantom source is also frequently attributed to the width of the dispersion pattern. What I have experienced with slim flour standers was that their image was behind the speakers, but this can have to do with many things. You will know from your listening where the phantom image is. My waveguide two way projects the image to the front, or rather, it sits between both speakers. Some enjoy an image center which is behind the speakers, because it is perceived as added depth of the listening field. But I find that their image centers are usually quite darkend, lacking the uniformity of a constant directivity speaker such as this JBL 4367 clone. It sounds casual, but distant, whereas the waveguide is very much present, and in a good way so. The Ekta MKii could suffer from an uneven in-room response, due to differences between listening axis and off axis angles. Troels never publishes polar data, which is due to his ostentatious resistance to have speaker quality defined by quantitative data. Therefore, only measuring yourself, for example with the Moving Mic Method the in-room response, can clarify whether there is significant ripple compared to a measurement on reference axis. This can be, but most not be a problem with direct radiators, many have it well controlled. If I understood you right, that you had matched both sub and the Ektas, you have got a measuring microphone? If this is the case, then do some measurements. If you don't have a measurement microphone, get one (preferably calibrated, a cheap is enough). This is obligatory for a good system. For subwoofer integration, you may check what an appropriate house curve could be. Like here, Some suggest a bass shelf of some dB rising from 300 to 20 hz.
What would some generalizations be about moving from a speaker system like I currently have a pair of Asathor?
I have 15" + 1.4" CD Peavey SP2(2004). Similar to Asathor which is a copy of a JBL original. I like the bass. I have mine backed up 6" from a 1" thick plaster wall, which accentuates what bass they have. +-3 db 54 hz-14 khz, down about 10 db @ 40 hz. I listen to a lot of piano (which goes to 26 hz) or organ (which goes to 32) and find them adequately realistic bass without a sub. ZZTop Afterburner the bass drum hits are suitably sharp (woke up with wood), no frequency scooping. If you aren't sold on cutting wood, I bought mine used (craigslist) for $200 each. Previously stolen SP2-XT were very close in sound too, identical in bass but a little more wide dispersion in the treble. You can't get 15" 600 w (rms pink noise) drivers plus air coil inductors for $200, much less the wood.