Arta setup help

I have been away from testing for a while.

Last night I set my laptop and Saffire 6 USB, and started basic testing.

Here's the problem; Arta (STEPS) is measuring ~160dB output from the speakers. Obviously that's wrong.

When I disconnected the microphone, Arta measures 60 dB 20Hz -20KHz with no input.

I think I've checked everything, but this solution eludes me.


I am using an Asio driver.


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2009-02-07 6:47 am
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The calibration files here are generic and 1/3rd octave smoothed. You have to register to download files or even view content. The Dayton EMM6 mic, which is essentially a copy of the Behringer comes with a custom file unique for each mic. And it can be downloaded from the Dayton Audio website.

You can send your mic to Cross Spectrum Labs and get a calibration file for your mic. I would suggest using the generic file for now, save up and buy the Dayton EMM6. It's not that expensive.

This will only compensate the frequency response of the mic. You still won't get absolute SPLs. For that you need a sound level calibrator:
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