Arjen TA2020 MkIII kit wiring

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Hi folks,
The TA2020 MkIII kit from Arjen is my first diy amp. Would someone be kind enough to double-check my wiring plans?

Audio Signal: *IN* 3x RCAs --> 3 way selector --> pot --> speaker input on TA2020 --> speaker outputs on TA2020 --> bananas *OUT*

Power: *IN* plug --> AC/DC SMPS --> DC input on TA2020 *OUT*

I haven't really figured out 1) how the power switch fits into the path and 2) why everyone has the V- on their power supply going to the GND on the amp instead of GND on the PS to GND on the amp.

My gratitude to anyone who can help a first-timer. ( =


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congratulations on you! you wiring plans is correct. as to your first question, you could put your switch between AC/DC SMPS and the amp board. For the second one, the GND on the ps is 220 AC GND, not DC GND. and the 2020 is supply with single power, so you have to conect the V- to 2020 GND。 by the way, I have just finished my 2020, and it sonds really amazing!
jack86: Thank you for answering those questions. I didn't realise an AC ground and DC ground would be different. I've learned something! ( =

I'm glad you're enjoying your TA2020. I have an LM3886 gainclone (someone else put together) that I'm enjoying very much, so I'm really looking forward to hearing the differences between it and the TA2020.

whaleman: As you suspected, the grounds are to be connected at the pot. I used the diagram I got from Arjen. I will be sure to allow for break-in time. Any idea how long?
about cable GND

Something add to you! for the the GND on the cable, you could not connect the both side. (in another words, please connect one side of your cable GND.) the advantage of using cable with GND is reduce noise. but when you connect both end of it, the GND equal a electrical conductor, no more other superior. please note this!


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This is the volume pot wiring diagram that Arjen supplies--this will save you having to install Google SketchUp to see it. As far as I can tell, the grounds are tied together. In my situation, it seemed to quiet things down and me thinks it's standard practice, no?


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