Argentines for the world!

We had the best car racer: J.M. Fangio.
We have the best football player (Soccer): Lio Messi.
We had the best football player (Soccer): D. A Maradona.
We have a queen in Holland: Máxima.
now, we have an Argentine Pope.

Next steep: the forum, ja ja ja...

Congratulations and good luck Jorge Mario Bergoglio!, although I'm atheist.
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Yes, but as our politic tendency continues, beef will be extinguished. In fact the count of terrain whose destination was to breed cows, is actually moved to soy because of higher international prices.

SY: I didn't know this. Interesting. Thank you.

Thanks for the comments.
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Chemistry would be my second Engineer title as I love them a few less than Electronics.

Once a professor say that chemistry and electronics are brothers. Because the come from the same father (Physics) and as one evolved, the other also. Newer chemical products developed to be used in Electric (by example, resins to encapsulate semiconds) and electronic gives better controls to chemical industries.