Arcam Alpha 7 CD (disconnected) causing hum

I have an Arcam Alpha 7 SE CD player paired with Arcam Alpha 6 amp, Beolab 6000 speakers and a Rega P3 (quite a mix!)

The CD player, even when not connected to the amp through RCA cables, is causing a hum through the speakers. Only stops when I unplug it from the mains power.

I took it to a hi fi shop when I bought the Rega and connecting it to their system was fine. No hum. Suggests there isn’t a fault with the CD player.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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If the player is 100% not connected in any way to the amp and yet it causes hum whilst plugged in then the cause can only be caused by the radiated magnetic field from the players transformer. The only fix for that is to put a little space between the units. Certainly do not have them one on top of the other.