Arcam Alpha 10 integrated amplifier wont power on.


2011-07-26 2:09 pm
Hello everyone.

So my Arcam alfa 10 amp decided no to turn on anymore or come out of standby.

When plugging in power, the input leds flash, and then phono or CD led stays on. Pressing the power button does nothing, but i can switch it off with the IR remote(the led goes out).

I have read some other post about the flashing red or amber led, but i think this is not the case because that happens when it powers up. i have checked all the voltages and they are fine, and have checked the microprocessors clock input, and that seems fine at 2mhz.

Here is the service manual for this amp. too unfortunate the there is no test point voltages documented.

can some one help? have any suggestions.? Im thinking of replacing the small electrolyte capacitors around the ic, and front panel.

Any help. would be greatly appreciated.