Aquired Janszen Z-2CF - replace caps, what else?

Hi, I bought a pair of Janszen Z-2CF, they sound incredible, very open. Condition is quite good, original Sony 10's, foam surround appears to be in good shape all drivers and electrostatic units work. The veneer is 95% there, just some chips on the top near the edges. Will probably use Quickwood or Durham's and paint to match wood grain, then may just try a Scotch-brite pad and Howard's Restor-A-Finish and Feed-N-Wax. The veneer looks great overall, do not think it will require any sanding, staining or oiling. If anyone has any better tips for filling veneer chips and matching, let me know.

What is the process for restoring these?
DeoxIT on the electrostatic spades and sockets?
Replace caps (crossover, power supply, or both?) Looking at Dayton poly caps.
Diodes and resistors should be fine and not require replacing, correct? I heard if the high voltage supply diodes go, it will ruin the electrostatics, something I need to worry about?

Thank you for any tips! Think I may sell some of my DLK's to make room for these, did not think I would ever say that.
Dug into them a little bit, not much to the crossover. There is an older silver cap and a polarized newer cap. Disc caps and resistors should not require replacement, right? Here are some pictures...the woofers are the same Sony model listed on the back of the magnet but the dustcaps are different sizes. Not sure if one was reconed or perhaps when foam surrounds were replaced they centered the coil through the dust cap and couldn't find two of the same?





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