APPLE vs Windows for music server.

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Its fairly common that audiophiles use Apple as their platform rather than windows or a PC. Why is this ? I will assume we are talking about the software aspect of everything, so, would a Hackintosh be equivalent to an IMac ?

Were is the magic of APPLE so to speak.
I use F2K on my windows machine, but it will not be used on my audio system, there I want among the absolute best. Take Spotify, its only used for casual listening or finding albums, then I go out and buy/download the high-res version and store it locally.

So the options are:
JRiver + IOS (on a PC)
Daphile ... or
Lumin U1 Mini as a dedicated player. But cost much more than the two mentioned above.

I still need to build the PC for the Daphile and I am considering: PC -> iFi Nano iUSB3.0 ->ARMATURE HECATE -> DAC
For some its very important to be able to fiddle with code and do things in the background. I had a friend who was like that, he needed that level of control. I do not :) So better isn't always a reflection of quality. Daphile check's many boxes, but I want to read up on it and follow the development since launch and get an idea of what people typically do - in terms of hardware, cost levels etc. Just because it is DIY and freeware does not mean it has to be put together with dirt cheap stuff. The hardware aspect is just as important as the software, but that's just my opinion :)
Been using iTunes for years its easy to do and integrate with other devices. Recently I moved to Roon and migrated my iTunes library to a ssd attached to my Roon Rock server.

Very impressed by the step up in sound quality. If Roon can integrate Amazon hd into their platform as well I will probably go for a lifetime subscription
I believe years ago the Motorola based Apple hardware had better specs and had fewer crashes. Photographers still prefer IOS, but today IOS runs also on Intel platforms, so it should be the same.
If you look at Apple hardware perhaps You can still find better specs.
Steve Jobs was a visioneer and made some awesome beautiful and pricey products and was ahead of it's time, but never convinced me, but I own an IPOD video.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.