Apox Bosoz

OK, everyone likes to see pretty cases filled with home made stuff, Check it out


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    pre case.jpg
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Nudy view. Salvaged toriod and main caps from a $0.50 KLH reciever from Ebay.

Finally did something with the APOX kit I bought a few years back. I etched all of the other boards and made the case out of 1/4" surplus aluminum cut with a skill saw. The fron is RACO I offered a groupp buy on last year. Knoks were 2.125" bar stock cut on a miter saw, and filed and sanded on my drill press. Wood sides are purely cosmetic.


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    pre inside.jpg
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That is one of the front panels to the Alephs in the system photo.

Thanks, I'm shopping for a new camera now. I still have a hum issue in the sub crossover, but the balanced full range outs are quiet. I need to add a balanced to SE driver to feed the sub crossover. I thought I could get away with just running it off of the hot and ground of the balanced out, but there seems to be some noise on the ground because the Alephs are quiet.