Apogee Slant 8 Woofer

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So... I have been offered a pair of apogee slant 8s for almost nothing from a friend, but with a fried woofer on one channel. This is a Vifa M22WR-09 6 which is no longer made so I'm starting to look around at possible replacements/upgrades.


Nominal Impedance = 6 ohms
Voice Coil Resistance = 4.3 ohms
Nominal Power (IEC268-5) = 150W
Music Power (DIN45500) = 200W
Operating Power = 7.5W
Sensitivity (1W,1m) = 88dB
Frequency Range = 30-1000 Hz
Free Air Resonance = 30 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter = 50mm
Voice Coil Height = 21mm
Air Gap Height = 8mm
Voice Coil Inductance = 1.1 mH
Effective Cone Area = 224cm sq
Moving Mass (incl air) = 36g
Magnet Weight (37.4oz)=1062g
Force Factor, B X L = 8.8Txm
Vas = 55 ltr
Qms = 2.73
Qes = 0.38
Qts = 0.33

My search has made me realise how little I know about box modelling, so before I roll up my sleeves and start flailing in simulations has anyone come across this problem before? The SB Acoustics Satori MW19P looks a close match acoustically but is a tad smaller and the Peerless NE225W-04 I am also looking at more closely. In terms of crossover I would be going active so can tweak a few things.

Thoughts on where I should start looking?
If there any thing good about You not hearing-living with the Stock mid-woffers...you wont no what sound thay made an you well be missing...…
An as for.... crossover, going active so can tweak a few things....yes tweak... but you must know these passive stock crossover are some of the best I have heard....the Coil were wond by hand at Apogee...youll need a good crossover to get better.

I have the Minor lost mid-woffer... an the Slant 6s....Apogee did a great job with these speakers...I would look for what others have found if you can pull up anything on the web....if you cant get a used stock...I get two new-replacements.....good luck
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Well..right, First Pr of Apogee I got were the Stages...Then the Duetta signatures...this was 1995....killer sound..All Krell setup with the Krell Crossover setup for the Duetta,s only, ended up with the Duetta,s Passive Crossover runing a Jadis Defy-7 running the mid-tweeter...…………….Till the Bass ...BUzzz …..still have a pr of Stages.....Great Speakers..Lot Fun
Good luck
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Since you're going to have a line-level crossover/EQ, I would select a driver with similar Qts that provides a similar bottom end response in the Slant 8 box. There are plenty of good 22cm drivers that should fit the rebate well. I don't think I would choose a metal-cone driver because that would require a notch filter and more complication in your line-level crossover. However, not really a problem if DSP. :)

There wasn't any creative magic employed by Apogee with the original design. The Vifa M22 was simply a good quality woofer available at an affordable price. Nothing fancy.