Apha-TL questions


2002-11-16 3:43 pm

First:Thanks for Dave and GM that I could get to know about this theory!

My quesions:
- did somebody listened (experienced with) this kind of speakers? I would like to know how is the sound compared to a "classical" design?
- is the the fiber glass the same used in building for heat insulator?
-the open end of the line is forced to the floor or to the front?



You're welcome!

It really depends on what alignment is chosen and the type/amount of stuffing used. If both are constant taper (straight) tuned to Fp and use the same stuffing material/density for a given driver, they should sound the same. Most of the 'classic' designs I'm aware of though are reverse taper, being more an ML-TL than TL. These will have more gain down low than a straight TL.

Yes, though there's various 'R' values available, so stuffing density will vary depending on which one used.

I prefer floor or rear loading if near a boundary, but front works too. It just doesn't have as much gain as the other two.