anyone used earth lcd's 12.1" Open Frame Active Matrix SVGA TFT LCD panel?

I'm tempted, just wondering if the contrast ratio is too low.

As for light sources, thinking i'll use an old 1600w xenon from work out of a 16mm fumeo film projector.

Would love to hear anyones comments on the 12" earth lcd. Or if someone has found a decent small panel with 800 x 600 or greater rez thats avaliable. I'm hanging to build something, have a million and one old parts at work (we're a cinema service company here in Australia)
Also fixed more then a few lcd/dlp projectors, kicking my self for not realising just how easy it would be to make something till I stumbled across u guys.

Thanks a million,

Mark Hathaway


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2001-11-13 5:19 am
New Zealand

How about a regular projection panel like many guys use here.
Similar contrast ratio. 800 x 600 are not so common but they are about. Try ebay search projection panel. Be probably quite a lot cheaper and sounds like you can do your own lighting ok.
That earth one has to be connected to a computer wereas many projection panels have composite video in. Most will run NTSC and PAL. Have a look in the good panel/bad panel thread for recommendations from users.

Good luck.