Anyone tried the IRS2092, how is it?

Typical transformer with dual secondaries or a center tap will work. For 120vac mains - a 32v transformer (rated at 115vac) when bridge rectified and filtered will give about 49v. With a center tap and dual secondaries you get +/-49vdc. Then choose the va (watts) rating you need. Also can use a dual rail SMPS like the 53v Abletec in another thread. Avoid transformers and rectifiers and cap banks.
Doing your own 2092 pcb layout and design needs quite a bit of care.
The 2092 and output mosfets need careful pcb layout and decoupling.

For higher power design requires even more care as you will probably need mosfet gate drivers too.

I had problems with high power designs and power down.
On power down I would get a siren type noise for a couple of seconds then a massive thump through the speaker.
Apparently the 2092 doesn't like big smoothing capacitors and slow discharge on power down upsets it.
IR told me to design a reset circuit for the 2092. I used a PIC to monitor VCC and shut down the 2092 when VCC was too low.
That worked a treat.
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