Anyone tried Professional DIY PHILIPS CD kit ???

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I've bought it but didn't finish yet. That transport was used by Mark Levinson, Sonic Frontiers, Oracle, Audiomeca, AudioNote and others.
I plan to use mine without suspention, connecting it using I2S with AD 1865K in parallel (no oversampling). Since I plan to make the ultimate CD player out of it the design process takes a lot of time (mostly mechanical staff). I wan't to use separate power supply and probably will install display and controll butons with a power suply. So the transport would be bare turntable with DAC installed underneath.

Please post some pix and your experiences of building it, any difficulties found etc when it's done.

I heard about this kit some 18 months ago and it's been in the back of my mind since, but I have heard of few who have attempted it. The price for the kit of parts is very good. Might be in line for my next project after the speakers and amps.

One of my friends (also a member here) Tonu has a player based on CD-PRO. His player is not finished and is working in temporary case etc. but it has been working like that for half a year I think... Anyway, the transport itself is impressive. The best build quality and an awsome stability when playing cd-s. It's also very silent.

I was also impressed by IR remote + receiver. It seemed to be so sensitive that it didn't matter where you pointed the remote it still worked. I even tried to point the remote from about 5cm to grey carpet and it still managed to reflect enough to work. It's not in any way important from audiophile point of view but I think it's good as it makes the unit that much easier to use.

All in all, the transport is in my "a must buy list for this year" also.

May be Tonu will stop by and add some comments too....

ok, i had some email exchange with these philips part provider who offers the kit. Sounds not difficult, you don´t need much more than a power supply following the special specifications for CDPRO2 to have a working system. I´ll order one, because my diskman seems not the right source to drive my Zen - variation amplifier.
I mounted a CD PRO2 a week ago.

No special needs to build the power supply except beeing minutious when soldering.

Sound: Compared to my DVD Player PIONEER 717
less bass - less output level - more detailed in medium and high register.
It works very good. I tried a CD-R which can't be read in a Playstation (considered as a very good player) and in my PIONEER and the result is by far better.

My next project: Using the I2S ouput to drive 4 paralleled TDA1541 (double crown) and tube technology in the output filter.
I try to reach the NAIM sound very detailed in all aspects.

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