Anyone know Tannoy MX2 specifications ?

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hi i just have a pair of tannoy mx2's, i have ripped the passive x/o out, and i am biamping them with some gainclones and behringer digital x/o

just wondering if anyone knows the x/o point on these speakers and how many db of attenuation the tweeter has

i got a room response plot with the speaker and dssf3 and didnt see any major dips in the response around 4-5k

i will post the freq response graph up later as well as pics of the x/o if that helps

regards keegan
I'm just a beginner with cross-overs, but it seems to me that an examination of the cross-over would yield both the XO frequency and the types of high-pass and low-pass filters. I'm sure you can compare your findings with standard topologies on the Web and reverse engineer the specs.

I've got the manufacturer specs somewhere here in a catalogue, will get back to you.

What about doing a hand drawing of that crossover?

I had a pair of mX3. Lived with it for about a year, but could never listen to it for extended periods. The upper treble tend to be a bit peaky, and I think there wasn't enough baffle step compensation.

Probably intended for close to wall placement, but it imaging suffered when I did this...
thanks alot for your responses guys, there is a dip placed around 2.8k, which makes perfect sense, just in my speaker building practices that seemed a tad low :)

i have built plenty of x/o in my days and circuit tracing seems logical but many commercial crossover designs use not only curves matched for the drivers but zobel networks etc, making tracing a bit harder than expetced (i tried)

i did a frequency sweep with dssf3 with the passive x/o and then one biamped with the behringer digital x/o i will post these up later for anyone who is interested

but i must confess biamped, with a 48db buttersworth x/o, digital time alignment and a slight EQ on the lower end they are sounding mighty sweet
Opening them up is dead easy. You can remove the X/0 board from the plastic backing plate and there is enough internal wire to solder straight to the binding posts

I took it one step further. I Managed to fit 2x lm1875 chip amps internally and have a 5 pin xlr for the signal (balanced tweeter + woofer) and a nuetrix connector for the power from aircraft batteries(+/- 28v dc)

I drive these with the behringer dcx2496 crossover which i highly recommend. X/0 is buttersworth 3rd order @ 2.5 k with a 0.20ms delay on the tweeter

best of luck !
Thank you for the help. It´s fortunate that I can leave the drivers untouched, and only unscrew the back plate.

BTW, it´s a very nice setup that you´ve put together. Nice idea the 28V batteries. I did some work in aircraft maintenance myself, but I don´t think I would have been able to get a pair of those...

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