Anyone know some good high current plugs and sockets that can be used for umbilicals?

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Hi all,

Im just looking for some good plugs, 7 pin or so, that can handle high currents (charging 100 000uF of capacitance). Going to run +V,GND,-V for two channels plus chassis GND.

Could probably use 2x XLR sockets, but I'm hesitant to use something that could be mistaken as an audio input.

If you could advise a model and supplier it would be great. Preferably not a surplus part as I need to ensure ready supply.

Your advice is appreciated!

amphenol hybrid DSUB high current. the male housing is L717TWC8W8P at digikey and the 6AWG yes you read that right, pins for it are L17DM537451 y=the links for the matching socket are on the page. they are excellent high quality connectors for power. i'm using one with 2 high current contacts and 5 regular (still pretty high current) pins, for charging and balancing a high capacity LiFePo4 battery at up to 20 amps (they will take 40 amps) you can get all sorts of pins for them, you can get shielded coaxial high current pins too. not cheap, but excellent for this purpose, means you can just have 1 for an umbilical
I think Amp makes a plastic bodied version of the circular military connectors that's a lot cheaper. Use the good gold pins and sockets. IMO, dumping full charging current through most connectors isn't a good idea unless you have some purpose designed limiting. Once the contact resistance starts to go up things will go bad really fast. That hybrid sounds like the winner for really high currents.
Good Evening

The connectors you are looking for are called 'Circular Connectors' you can find these at any of the major suppliers (Mouser, Digi-Key etc.)

Then the real fun begins.

There are tons of these things. The hardest part is mating up the socket and plug from all the selections on the site. You may want to browse the web site, then call so they can get you the right mating parts.

There are choices from 2 pins to 30 pins and the voltage ratings that I have seen are up to and above 1k volts.

Hope this helps

Good Luck
yeah lemo make some 'circular' for seemingly space travel too, but at around 200 buckeroons not really in the budget for the average DIYER. I spent quite a bit of time in the circular and rectangular connectors sections at mouser, digikey and ELFA for the last few projects and yeah there are thousands of them, I bought a few different types and the amphenol hybrid DSUB came out on top then and now after using them all too. for finding the mating products at digikey its as simple as looking at the product page and there is a 'related parts' section on the left hand side, that will have the mating housings and pins/sockets

the powercon are good also, forgot to mention them.
The Neutrik speakon is also available in a 8pin version
Neutrik - Audio - speakON Cable Connectors - NL8FC
The connectors are rated at 240V 30A
I would expect the price to be economical compared with most high current connectors. There are a variety of sockets available depending on your needs.:)
The plugs also latch, which is handy as I cant think of many connectors that will withstand hotplugging with DC current.
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