Anyone here build the VSS Eros?


2002-03-04 2:12 pm
Designed by Wayne Jaeschke of

Thinking about building a pair of floor standing MTM's for my loft/bedroom. They will be driven by a pair of mostly stock Dynaco MKIII's. 80% of my listening will be med-low levels, so the ~35 watts is more than enough for even med sensitive speakers. I'd like to keep it to 6.5" MTM, floorstanding, $400-600 for drivers/crossovers only.

Right now I like the Eros over most others in the same style/price/config. range. I looked at the Ariels, but I think I will not be happy with the low range with less than 6.5" drivers (personal preference). I read about GR-Reasearch's Paradox 3. It looks like a nice setup. Only glitch is I've never heard much about GR's woofer. Any comments on them?

If you built this kit, or something very similar, I'd like to hear from you.