Anyone experience with TSM-300 ?

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After diskussion in threads :


I found a company that offers me TAD TSM -300 near field monitors for 2250 Euro.,1445,882,00.html

These are not really high dB/W (88), but 20% of the price of the next model(11000 Euro/93dB) But for thendifference of about 8500 Euro i can build a lot of alephs...

Does anyone have comments, experience , advice or something else to this?

Is is a sensible idea to buy these, or are for example nearly same price JBL Pro LSR 32 better?

(I know some will answer " your question is too general" , but how else to collect information?)

You present a very difficult question, or at least one I find difficult to answer. I have heard the TSM-300, there are things I like about it and things I do not like.

Like all TAD product (I've had much of it, Nelson has the rest.) build quality is excellent, their drivers are legendary. The tweeter is excellent, and the horn it mounts on is well engineered too.

The design is somewhat flawed in that the midwoofers are not really time aligned. The crossover makes up for the frequency dips you might associate with the mismatch.

If you judge the TSM-300 against most studio monitors of similar size it is wonderful. If you judge it strictly on price that is another issue.

I am one of TAD's most vocal supporters, but I use their drivers in systems which are not of their making. I listen at home to an all TAD system with no desire to change.

My only real objection with the TSM-300 is that it does not have the dynamics of the other TAD offerings. No surprise, it does not have the cone area or efficiency of those other systems.

Thank you cyclotronguy for this detailed comment. This desciption is helpfull for me. I would really like to do a projekt and build speakers by my own, but i have not the knowledge and experience for a that big projekt so i will do it later. If i buy a pair of TL 1102 and a pair of TD 2002 it would be twice the price of a pair of TSM 300. Because i want to listen , test and compare my pass - amplifier projekts seriosly an now i need good enough speakers.

If you say the TSM is a suitable way to reach this aim, i will go this way.

Because the better alternative TAD DIY project is twice the price i have to plan it over some years. If it doesn´t make you Trouble i would be happy if you mail me sometime some information, plan, construction schemes for a projekt like that., espacially for the horn. My limitation isn´t the maufacturing but the physikal, acustikal knowledege. Idon´t know how to construct or calculate a horn or a housing for the speakers.

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