Anyone else read EDN in print?

This was on the back cover of EDN, as well as Electronic Design. (My mail is still catching up with me after I made the mistake of having it forwarded while I was away.)

And you guys think I am the only idiot that listens to DEVO.

Duty now........for the future!



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Re: Residents and Oingo Boingo, eh?

shhhhhhh! quiet jocko... my wife might see this and I'll never hear the end of it - she thinks I'm strange enough already :)

Jocko Homo said:
Figures..........most of us designer types do tend to be rather strange at times.


Still waiting for you to show up looking for those violet FETs.

I took your advice and went parallel.
But if you know where I can find some ....
Sorry, I couldn't resist!