Anyone check out the JL W7?


2001-12-11 8:49 am
I finally got to check out the new JL W7 subwoofer. It is alot different than anything i have ever seen in the car audio realm. My friend just bought one for his old beater car, and it is one heck of an SPL trip. Musical? I couldnt tell, it was too damn loud with too much vibrations coming out of his car. Its a rather interesting sub, no visible screws... as the surround is removable, only held in by a clamp ring. Oddly it only comes in a 3ohm SVC model, and supposedly works well in a downfiring configuration. The 13.5 W7 sub has 144% more displacement potential than a normal JL15W6, (which is actually one heck of a car sub if you can get it cheap) and handles up to 2,000 watts RMS. I know noone here is a basshead, but i thought it was pretty damn cool. Check it out if you are bored...


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2001-12-12 8:47 am
I had a chance to listen to this subwoofer in the middle of the large showroom at a local dealer( I was considering it for a home subwoofer). It sounded good, not anything special. Indeed it did have massive SPL potential. But I would sooner purchase TC drivers from Stryke, and save money to boot. The JL7 is priced about 2x over what I would consider a fair value for it. I think the one I heard was priced at over $700 each. Rediculous price for this subwoofer.