Anyone can make your own speaker driver!

Make your own driver!
Here's a little project that I did at lunch a few weeks ago:

1. Get an empty tup of 'Cool Whip" (The bottom will be the speaker basket, the top lid is the cone. Get a spray paint can cap, a 100 feet or so of magnet wire. Get a magnet (or 2) that just fits inside the spraypaint can cap. Some double-stick tape or hot glue. And a small screw and nut.

2. Wrap magnet wire around a spray paint can cap to make the voice coil (I used 3 layers). Secure the windings with hot glue.

3. Attach the cap to the cool whip lid with the screw and nut (I used a screw and nut so that it can be disassembled and re-assembled easily) Make sure that they're centered.

4. Attach the magnet(s) to the bottom of the cool whip tub with hot glue or double stick tape (they need to be centered)

5. Run the two ends of the magnet wire out of the tub and connect them to the amplifier.

6. Slowly raise the volume.

You will get a poor sounding speaker that is quite inefficient! - But it is a speaker that you made yourself!

I used a series cap to HP the speaker at about 100Hz.

* Note - I originally was going to use the Walmart brand of 'cool whip' but thier speaker basket was too weak.

I need to make the second driver and get a BIG tupperware tub to make the complete Sat-Sub system!

make your own driver.

Wow, your idea is alittle bit more complex than mine!

I was shooting at more of a grade school science fair project than a 'real' speaker; and it sounds like it! I get some intersting looks when people pass by my desk at work and the PC sound is coming from a cool whip tub.

Any ideas for a DIY tweeter? The high end is limited, can a paper 'whizzer' cone be added to help this?

here's the outside of the speaker


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