anybody used Pyralux to make caps?


2010-03-27 7:58 pm
we have some extra that was going to get tossed. In is incredibly thin and would roll up with ease. plus i could use the pcb mill to cut out the layers and for tabs on the end to solder to......

Are there any good references or documented projects for making high quality caps? i searched for a bit and couldn't find anything useful.


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-10-24 10:19 pm
If you're not using a machine and high tension winding, you'll have a microphonic mess. Use the Pyrolux for insulating a chassis or something like that. Home-made (and hand-made in general) capcitors are uniformly awful.

How thin is thin? The thinnest on Dupont's site was ten times thicker than typical capacitor films.