Anybody from India Wish to BUY WM61 from Digikey?

Here is the screenshot of Digikey Website.


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Some regard this place as some sort of audio club.
You know, something with members, some of them retards.

If you need a 2 dollar part the size and weight of a cufflink, wouldn't it be smarter to ask someone to buy it, then mail it to you in a bubble envelope with $2 worth of stamps ?
Saves mmm, what was it again, 38 bucks !

2 Qty available, each $30, total cost $60 for 2, I need 4 Qty, ie, $7.68 + $40 courier charges comes to $48 for 4 @ Digikey, of-course it is cheap. But I am looking if I can place a clubbed order to bring down the cost of each. I guess Digikey has worked on courier charges to get it at much lesser cost. we would have to pay more than $ 40 as courier charges if managed by ourself.

yes, would like to thank for your input.

Anybody here in India wish to buy WM61 MIC. from digiKey? We can club order and share the Courier cost. Currently 40$ + 1.92$(each) is the cost on Digikey. Pls Contact me If interested.
Digikey Link.

I think the price is very higher.
You can check our Omni-ECM-LX6035

The fuction and the size are the same as WM61. But the price I can give you as 28$+0.95$(Each)
If you can order more than 1000pcs The price can down to 0.7USD/pcs