Any Super -T amp modders?


2004-10-16 5:46 am
Hey guys, I have looked around and searched etc for info. I wanted to ask a few modding experts about the Super T-AMP. I just received one and I am very,very impressed. Seems to be a common reaction among owners. I am interested in modding the amp to obtain even better sound quality. I have found small bits and pieces about changing this and that. I need a little bit more info though. Which mods would give the best results? I understand about changing caps with better ones. If I decide to change the caps on the inputs with better quality ones do I just uses the same values or have some of you found different values? I have found the site by the members here. I just wanted some personal accounts from owners/modders what they think is the best way to go about modding this device? I can just do it on my own from start to finish BUT I found it helps to talk with people who have already been down the road. Thank you for any information you may give me.


2007-01-16 12:42 pm
I am no expert, but I have a super T that I have modded a bit. I am also interested in other peoples experience on the topic.

The mods I have done that made the biggest differences are:
- changed the input caps to Janzten 2.2 muF (finer details)
- better power supply (much more solid performance)
- changed the tank caps to Panasonic 3300 muF

I also did the following mods that I didn't find made a big difference, but it all depends on your equipement I suppose. Also it was a bit hard to compare with and without a mod since I only have one super-T (all from memory :blush: :) ).
- shielded the inductor with a grounded copper roll
- changed the input cables

I also have a Trends TA-10 which I have modded according Michael Mardis suggestions (as was the super-T mods) and I have to say I prefer the sound of the super-T, although the differences are small.