Any Singaporeans here? Is Sim Lim sqr still where to go for electronics components?


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2004-05-23 10:59 pm
Wynnewood, PA, USA

I tried my luck at both locations a few years ago and came away empty-handed. For the most part, you'll find cheap knock-offs of consumer grade accessories and inexpensive finished products. The few shops that had parts of interest also had prices that seemed excessive to me. I live in the US and am probably spoiled by generally lower prices (hmm, that's undoubtedly true). Your mileage may vary. If you have the time, they are fun places to wander through, though.

Good luck!

Hi Scott,
Not as yet - I had a chat with Lancer (singaporean local) and he didn't seem to think there were many odds of something interesting to be found. I guess with ebay and so on, everywhere is 'local' now so there's limited odds of finding something interesting.

I might have a chance to go and look on the 11th anyway, but we will see. I'll update should I get out there.

Had a look about for a while today. Seems like there's a pair of audio stores in Burlington square (custom amps and speakers repairs respectively), Sim Lim square was all consumer electronics and laptop/mobile stores and repairs. Sum Lim tower had a few component suppliers but no joy on weird and unusual stuff. Still interesting, but not the electronics components bazaar I (niaevely) hoped for.

Still, not a bad walk about. :)