Any of these tweeters usbale in a linearray alongside some NSBs?


2004-10-19 4:29 pm
The formula is 13560/ c-t-c (center-to-center distance between two speakers).
The smallest Onkyo 1 3/8" would be 13560/ 1.375 = 9862 hz.
At around 10,000 hz the tweeters would start creating a combing effect. Dead spots in certain areas of your room. So as you moved around you would notice highs dropping in & out.
You might be able to get away with it or you could try what other diy'ers are using - the Dayton 3/4" Neodymium tweeter;
A little more expensive at $4.00 in quantity but it has a lower crossover point (3500 hz) and more sensitivity (93 db) which will better match the NSB's high sensitivity.
One diy'er even lets his NSB's run full range and uses a cap on the Neo's.
Me, I prefer the Dayton Planars :)