Any interest for a HQ digital audio player ?

I have been thinking about creating a HQ player/system too . But I was thinking of using a $300 Dell PC, Windows, Winamp 5, Losses Compression, DAC, Gain Clones / active speakers and so on. Everything including in the kit, even the speaker wire.

The reason everything is included is that the overall sound quality will be the same and can be a reference point in tweaking and conversations in this and other sites.

Oh the tweaking we could do as group on such as system.

All built from diy parts/technology found on this site (other then the computer). Open Source disclosure on how to build all of it so that everyone who builds/buys it will hear the same thing.

Currently I am working on the final piece of system, the active speakers. Once done I will build a couple systems and lend them to folks for feedback. My estimate on the cost of the system to build/buy is $2500 (without computer).

Some people would only build what they need.

I could go on and on... but I too don't know if many are interested in such a system. I guess I will find out when I lend out my first couple of systems. When... if all goes well... by spring 2006.