Any Flex-48 knock-offs out there?

Seems like these would not be the hardest thing in the world to emulate, and I think it's a brilliant concept.

Flex-48 Adaptive Treatment System
Flex-48 Adaptive Treatment System @ – True Sound Control

My question is, has anyone already tried to build something similar?

In the past when I've looked into building something similar using thin plywood and or perforated metal for the outer curved part, the long retaining edges were a detail problem because they were constantly under stress. But I didn't have a router back then, and could probably use a table saw to slot a 2x2 right.

I never thought of using clear acrylic, and never considered leaving top and bottom open. I think Acoustical Fulfillment really hit one out of the park on this one, but I'm too cheap at the moment to take the splurge.

Any DIY Flex-48 knock-offs out there?

I have this small picture frame from 20 years ago that is very similar, always liked that frame. Maybe will post image of it later. It's horizontally oriented though, not vertically.


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