Any experience with DB Drive subs ?

I need 4- 12" subs for a pair of dipole cabinets that I have built.
These DB Drive units look interesting and have about the right Qts

I only hesitate cause they are advertised as car subs and I have not seen much in this or other HT forums about this brand.

DB DRIVE PL12D4 Platinum Series ...

· Dual 2ohm Voice Coils/Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coils
· 180oz. Strontium (SR) Magnet
· Rubber Boot Design
· 3" Diameter High Temperature 4 Layer Voice Coil
· Extreme Excursion Motor Structure and Suspension
· Multilayer Treated Paper Cone
· Layered UV Treated Foam Surround
· Dual Spider Linear Design
· Black Textured Anti-Resonance
· Die-casT Aluminum Basket
· Integrated Tinsel Leads for High Excursion
· Push Button Terminals

Fs is 25 and Qts is .63 and xmax is .79 inches accordring to manufacturer site.

here's a picture


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Have you considered the Atlas 12, it offers qts to .52, 23hz fs, xbl2, and bottomless motor. Is also well proven and not alot more expensive. The Atlas is more efficient, you can use series resistance to bring qts up still further.

That DB drive woofer looks to be designed for pounding out spl, 1500w power handing isnt needed in a dipole. Inductance on the DB Drive motor is 8 times that of the Atlas.


2001-10-19 4:53 am
Several people have used the 15" version for IB subs and they work well.

Given the blow out pricing for the Ascendent audio drivers those should be considered.

Something else to consider is the 12" TC-Sounds TC2+ Those have the lowest distortion we've measured in a 12". I use them in my dipoles and they sound very good.
OK ordered 4 Atlas 12 and can't wait !!

Does anyone know how high in frequency these Atlas 12 can be used.
With the light cone and low Le, I would think they could be run up to 250 hz easily unless there is a cone breakup mode.

I might be using these Atlas 12 with a Fostex fullrange driver on an open baffle and would need to crossover in that range.