Any advice about a new system for my Discobike?


2010-10-09 9:55 pm
So the sound system on my DiscoBike needs to be upgraded. Here is a video that will explain what it already is:

"The Adventures of Discobike"

First, I am going to get a t-class amp for efficiency, the one I have now does not last very long. But I was also thinking about some kind of tubular resonating chamber for the bass, or try and build a box that fit into the middle triangle of the bike. I dunno, but any advice on how to make a really nice system for this bike, would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


2009-09-13 7:41 pm
Ok, it tells me to download the plugin required to play the movie.

It does not tell me at all, which plugin this might be. stgrange...

Edit: The page seems allright, still I won't download "the plugin", without knowing what it is!
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At the bottom of the page it says
"requires quicktime 7.0.2 or later"

edit: Class T was simply Tripath's brand of Class D amplification. Tripath no longer exist, but yeah, you want something Class D based. Your main problem is battery power - really you'd want to go with 24V to keep problems with current down.
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