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Antique Sound Labs T-1X DT Preamp

SOLD I have an Antique Sound Labs T-1X DT Preamp for sale.

Its a dual passive transformer-based preamp
24 position dual attenuators
4 input, 2 output and a "direct" input that bypasses the volume controls.
Its in excellent cosmetic shape except for one ding in a corner

A passive preamp, in UHF No. 62


PayPal for US/Canada & EMT for Canada

I also have the following (Price includes FREE SHIPPING to Lower 48 & Canada)

California Audio Labs CL-15 CD Player with New Remote & 2 New Spare Laser Assemblies
$499 USD

Rotel RC-980BX Preamp with Preamp Stage $169 USD

NAD 114 Preamp with MM/MC stage
$149 USD


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