another unique mic design


2012-08-12 1:55 am
My most elaborate of my unique mic designs ,the element is a headphone speaker with a passive EQ and the amp from a computer speaker.The whole thing runs off of 4 1.5 v d cell batteries.I have to dampen the springs since they create a slight ringing sound on loud transients.The sound isnt bad and the 200-300 hz bump gives the sound a nice warm feel.



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2003-06-12 7:04 pm
Maine USA
Thanks for the curve. I knew there is only a penny worth of difference between headphone elements and mike elements; you show near-flat across most of the musical range.

Yes, you can cut tiny puffs of foam rubber and stuff the springs. However nearly all "Pro" mikes use rubber bands, or specifically "rubber' O-rings.

The round-in-square bracket is also a baffle and must have some effect on response or directionality (probably quite small). I don't have to tell you that rings (metal or plastic) are commonly used now. Embroidery hoop, broken hand-mirror, strap-iron... These can impart their own resonances of course.