Another one, 3D printed enclosure

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Another example of how not to design a 3D printed loudspeaker


Please give him or her a break!

The designer obviously was a Gastroenterologist with a weekend hobby.

Gotta fit 32 feet in there!

OK, me be bad.

He's actually an aerospace engineer who works on designing plane wings. For someone who just does research for single projects and is not dedicated to the hobby hook line and sinker, it's an interesting, albeit flawed, first start.
a late friend , who probably could not do simple arithmetic, made a little two way with 2-5" Audax woofers and 2- Peerless tweeters - it was a 5 sided slim parallelepiped tower (~Olson) 3-chamber reflex made of high denisty particle board- - said he designed it on LSD. Despite not having a proper simmed crossover, it played quite nicely. I suspect such multichamber approaches to be as useful as longtailed reflex ;^)