Another Nola variant

Hi all

As I wait for the weather to get better so I can get it the saw out to build some cabinets for my beta 12cx's I've been playing around with some extra tg9fd's.

I built two foam core karlsonators. One single and one double. I really loved the sound/imaging of the single. The dual drive karlsonator have more range but there was something about it I couldn't quite get right (probably stuffing related). I tried daggers but they had no low end despite sounding fantastic for the range they played at. I also tried the TG9FDs in foam core uFonkens and got them to sound pretty good with a bit more stuffing.

I eventually came across the Nola Brios and got an idea to try an TG9FD OBs with the uFonkens and... Bingo! I wired them out of phase and this seem to address baffle step as had been noted in the Nola Brio clone thread.

I have a sub I could use but don't necessary want to have to use one with the Brios. I have four old 16ohm Pioneer 8 inch woofers that I took from an old CS-j825Q '4-way'. They were in a an h-frame I was experimenting with. They sounded ok with the Brios but again, lack bottom end. I switched the h-frames around to make them partially closed (very large 'port' in the back... basically made with scrap wood that was too short) and threw some poly fill into it. It actually sounds decent and I think this is the direction I want to go.

I would like to try the woofers in the same configuration as Brios up top. Right now I have them hooked up to an old crossover that I made (12mh inductor and 47uf cap for low pass). (I can't find my notes or remember how I calculated it ???!)

I couldn't find any driver specs from Pioneer drivers so am working pretty much blind/by ear.

My thoughts are that I would perhaps build a box for a pre-selected 'better' 8" driver that would be suitable for both the OB and br box (suggestions?) and upgrade to them when I have the funds/opportunity.

The Pioneer woofers are paper cones and don't sound too bad to me. I could make do but I am looking for advice/help for the size of box and port details for these 'mystery' drivers....

To clarify, the goal is TG9FD Nola Brio tops with two 8" woofers in OB and br configuration below, each side...

Any suggestions for this newb would be greatly appreciated!


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