Another newbie blue-sky design question...

Assuming I'm aesthetically set on a 2-way smallish tower with one or two 5-7" woofers, is there and reason NOT to build a transmission-line style speaker? What are the potential drawbacks of MLTLs? Something like this from Troels Graveson.

Cabinet complexity (within reason) is not an issue.
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There is no reason, except perhaps size. Every loudspeaker is a large set of compromises.

Here is our 2-way 6.5” MTM ML-TL.


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A typically well-designed project from Martin -I'd expect no less. If I was nit-picking, I'd prefer a bit more suppression of the woofer's stopband modes in the 3KHz - 5KHz region (passive or active versions), but he's done a good job with very few components, and whether you'd hear the difference is debatable anyway. You could do a lot worse.