Another Man Cave call


This new DIY hobby has been a blast. Having snooped around these audio sights now, for a year and half or so, I’m continually amazing at all that goes on. For me, I smile on an endless sea of information and projects that will guide me right into the daisy growing business. ☺

Currently I’m just finishing up on my first full fledged speaker project and before I can get that wrapped up a new opportunity pops up that could use some direction. Here’s a little background info;

My bother in- law and I are finishing up a garage addition with the following interior finished sizes;
- 23’ wide x 40.8’ long x 10.4’ tall.
- The walls and ceilings are all sheetrock (concerned about echo) with a half dozen 3’x5’ windows spaced around and a 16’ x 8’ garage door at one end.
- His work area, special car and motorized beer stools (yep another man cave) will be at the opposite end of the space from the 16’ door.
- Spend goal, speakers only, $550-$650.
- Hoping to move some air blended with reasonable music presence at lower levels and not a bunch of congested garbage when cranked up from time to time.

So, rather than sticking a set of those plastic noise makers up, which he has, I figured with our ability to build something along with the a little more DIY horse power we ought to be able to come up with something much better. Please keep in mind that my technical knowledge, while increasing, is limited. For a reference point my first proto-type build was a set of the famous Manzanita’s by John B. and Pano. After finding some enjoyment with the open baffle sound that project quickly morphed into larger set of predesigned full range OB’s. So, do we build another set of Manzi’s and hang them from the ceiling or do we consider something else? Your input is welcome and appreciated.