And on the 8th day, there was bass!

All but finished my 142 litre EBS Shiva, im running it with DVC in parallel, to represent a 4 Ohm load, and am feeding it with a 150 Watt Altronics amp.

FIF (friend impression factor) = 9 (very impressive)
FAF (family acceptance factor) = 6 (yet still very impressed!)

Overall, if you can afford the space, its simply a killer sub, and at such a great price! I cant wait until i can afford duel Tempests!

Special thanks go out to AudioFreak and pkgum for their invaluable assistance in helping this project come to fruistion.

I have learnt so much during this project, and I am confident that i can give back some of what has been impart upon me.

I am getting my hands on a digital camera in the next couple of days, just as i am finishing the exterior, im thinking that some white shag carpet might look different? Ill post the entire project details then, including full pics, maybe even the numbers, SPL etc