Analog evaluation boards

My first post and I'm already causing trouble.
I'm looking at getting one of the AD eval boards as my first attempt at a diy dac, and am wondering which is the best option.
The AD1895 and AD1852 boards are both available right now, while the 1896 and 1853 boards are backordered until June. Is there a huge difference between the 1852 and 1853 when you are using an opamp as a line driver and are only going to use unbalanced outputs? If not, I'll just get one of the boards that are available now.
What are the advantages of the 1895/6 reclocking chips? I don't really plan on oversampling, but I'll experiment with the settings to see if I like it.
And my final question.
I personally prefer the LT1363 to all of the opamps I have listened to, including the OPA627/637, ad843, ad8620, and the OPA2604.
Will it work as a drop in replacement for the OP275 on the eval board, or will its high speed and tendency to have higher dc offset than most opams create problems?
I'm planning on replacing the op275 with an soic to dip adaptor, and I have a single to dual browndog adaptor, so I'll be able to roll opamps at will. I already have a pair of lt1363's, ad843s, and opa627's. So any opamp suggestions are welcome

Thanks for any help you can give me.


2003-02-17 7:38 pm
why not look at the docs at yourself?, the EVAL-AD1852EB pdf has the pcb layers, the op amp looks like its soic already and the bypass caps can't get much closer - unless you're trying +100 MHz chips (esp current mode op amps where parasitic C effects require gnd plane cutouts ) it should be ok