Analog Engineers Pocket Reference - Indispensible


2009-09-08 9:29 am
I always seem to find myself scrounging around for some equation or the other. At other times, struggle to recall where I found the estimated inductance for PCB tracks.

I've been in this hobby for more than 30 years, and its really hard to keep tabs on all the bits and pieces of info that I have come across; and later find that I need.

This little free book from TI is the answer to my prayers :)

- Can't recall what the relationship is between % overshoot and phase margin ?
- Have a TSOP14 stencil mask and wonder if the spacing is the same as a MSOP10?

Scrabble around no more - this one has it all and then some :D:D

If you like you can buy a hardcopy as well from the Texas Instruments online store.

Enjoy :)
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