an inexpensive remote for your PC

After I make my projector, I'm going to make a small computer to play divx, dvd, etc. and so I was looking for a computer remote. One thing I came across was the Ira which is just a reciever for a remote, but you can use almost any remote you want with it and program the buttons to do what you want. The address for that is for anyone interested.

Catcha Later
remote looks cool diy

looks coolm the plans you show, but sometimes , seldom but it happens, i just wanna buy the thing readymade, certainly when those geekguys offer the remote set for $8.00
you cannot beat that, buying a cable and some components plus shipping already exceeds the whole thing.

just my 2 cents.


2002-01-31 5:48 pm
ATI makes a remote I find is spot on. It is controlled by radio frequency rather than IR and you may have the computer in another room and control you DVD/DIVX/MP3 server or whatever you may have from any room. The receiver plugs into a USB port which is another nice feature compared to many IR receivers.

I think it is about USD 50.



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2002-10-03 2:52 am
A friend of mine just recently got this (the Creative one). He got it frys for like $20 I think, anyways pretty cool, he has it on Win XP and it's controlling WinAmp. I think the only thing he said bad about it was that the volume control has alot of steps (increments), so to make the volume go down alot you gotta hold the button for a sec. Otherwise it looked pretty sweet, surprised its not USB though.