An auto-sensing cross-over thingy?

Firstly, I've no idea where to pose this question so I'll put it right here.
I'm pleased with my 'hybrid', low budget, home-theatre experiment. I've replaced every 'surround' speaker with, re-furbed, re-purposed Sony - SS-CCPX11 (2 way 5" bass). In 'normal' day-to day operations 4 x 5" woofers are perfectly adequate for my small room. 98% of the time my two 10" subs do nothing but gather dust.
Is there a circuit or a active cross-over thingy that can 'kick in' according to signal?
Full-range pass-through up to x-voltage, 80Hz high-pass filter beyond that.
It made sense in my head. A system that would call the big guns when needed, the equivalent of a heating system thermostat - if you like.
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I made one PCB for my Active Speaker, For Gerber PM...


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