AMT diaphragm DIY basics.

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Just recently got interested in AMT's, i think i might try a few things out to try and learn about them.

I know nothing about them yet though so ive got a few basic questions regarding the diaphragms.

Ive seen the link to the multi page DIY PDF but it doesnt answer my questions.

Its not a nice way to write this, but i think numbered questions may be the easiest way for me to ask these questions. Seems a little rude though, sorry.

1. Pleats, i assume these dont want to touch (not due to shorting as the conductors are insulated, but just from a movement point of view)

2. Mounting, do the complete diaphragms just mount from the sides? Seem too, but in my mind that doesnt seem very stable. Are they left free at the top and bottom?

3. Could they be mounted from the top and bottom of the pleats and the sides left free?

4. The conductor, is the up and down layout important? Or, could all the pleat conductors be in series, but electricaly conducting in the same direction (i.e. each conductor conducts top to bottom, but all in series, not parallel)

5. If the pleated diaphragm is as dimensionaly weak as my mind thinks, when supported just from the sides, what stops it falling into contact with the front/back plates?

Ive probably got more questions, and the answers may spark new questions too.

I have a few 'unusual' ideas that may or may not work, if the answers give hope to my ideas ill try and draw/post my ideas, see what you guys think.

Thanks :)
6. Traditional DIY diaphragms have the conductor going up-down-up-down etc.
If the diaphragm was just aluminium, the current would flow through the pleats forward/back/forward etc.
Any reason not to do this?
I assume you'd need the magnet field in a different direction to compensate?

P.S., sorry if my questions are showing up my lack of knowledge on this :eek:
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Start here - Air Motion Transformer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Several patents are listed so take a look at them - of course only the basic ideas for the patent are presented and not the actual "magic" of how to really make them or any trade secrets. You will find some foil patterns in the Heil patent tho.

There are some photo's of the replacement diaphragms over at Parts Express that will give you some points -
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.