Amps for OB's

Ali Tait

2007-06-08 6:55 pm
Hi Folks,
Looking for suggestions for amps to drive my open baffles,which consist of two Eminence Alpha 15" and a Visaton B200 on each side.The B200's have some Planet 10 phase plugs fitted.

The speakers are driven from a Behringer DCX2496 as 2 ways, so I'm looking for 4 channels-either two stereo amps or 4 monos.These will be used mainly for AV duties,so good bass for all those gratuitously violent films would be good! Any ideas?


2007-02-15 12:43 pm
Be aware, there is the basic version which comes assembled (finished board) for only 75 euros. I just ordered two for my four way actives, one board per channel.

You said you want two stereo or four mono, perhaps because you want the amps attached to the speaker? If that is the case, you can get two amp9s, and connect the inputs and outputs to give stereo boards with greater current into low impedance loads. That should benefit your alpha15s if you parallel them to give 4ohms.

41Hz Audio:AMP9-BASIC

PS The 24V supply below is on sale at Maplins until the end of December, and should be enough for your set-up in a home environment. I have two already driving my amp6 boards temporarily, and doing very well.
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