Amplifier SoundStream DTR1.900D


2013-05-22 11:47 am
Hi all, I do not know English well, surely you'll notice it xD, I have a Soundstream amplifier DTR1.900D, problems with supply to the area .. practically glows red, but does not pass on blue .. remains steady red ... all this after 6 mosfet power burst, the driver mosfet, and the toroid ... now replacing these components not part of the same .. the integrated TL494C, has 2 outputs, ranging pilot to control the finals, which the tester are 0V, then rightly does not turn on, because there is some problem ... but I can not identify which, the finals are new, the pilot end also, the TL494C also .. the toroid work, I noticed that the tl494c sends 5V to pin 16 via the 3 when tripping occurs, then disables the outputs .. maybe the problem is given by the pin 15, that instead of having 5V, it has 1.4. then recognizes it as a low signal and take the protection, but the pin 15, is connected to the 5V Ref, through a resistor, it seems everything is in order .. help!
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