Amplifier for Subwoofer

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I am looking to get a fairly serious subwoofer amplifier. I don't care if it has crossovers, if its a two channel model bridged or a mono amplifier. I am trying to keep this under $250 dollars and there isn't a whole lot out there in that price range. Does any body have any reccomendations? I am not interested in plate amps.
The Behringer iNUKE NU1000 for $200 would probably beat most of the plate amps in that price range.
They seem to be holding up pretty well, and get decent sonic reviews.

It has (short term) 2 x 500W at 2 Ohms, 2 x 300W at 4 Ohms.

There is a whole line of Inukes, the NU1000 is the cheapest and least powerful.
Crown XLi 800

200 x 2 at 8 ohms
300 x 2 at 4 ohms
600 watts bridged into 8 ohms

It weighs 25 pounds and has clip lights, RCA/XLR balanced inputs and Speakon and 5 way binding post outputs. No filters, no crossovers and no limiters.

$249 with free shipping

Crown XLi 800 (600W) |

If I had to get a Behringer, the Europower series is much preferred over the iNuke series. The iNuke has a bizarre cooling system that could of been much improved for a staggering 2 dollars in heat sinks. The Crown XTi series is much better as far as cooling--they at least made an attempt.
The ventilators could be too loud.
I have put mine in series on one connector.
Very quiet now.
Problem solved, costs... nothing!
Hi ßart West-VL,

By putting them in series the Voltage gets cut in half but the air displacement is usually much less than half. You might consider replacing them for quality ones and put them on a silicon or rubber sealing that you find in a computer store.
Hi Djim,
I ran the amp for an evening on loud music, without cover and checked for heat. Everything stayed save to touch (max 45°C).
I measured the Voltage at the connectors of the fans and it went up, IIRC, from 7.4V to 7.8V.
If the amp would have gotten too hot, I guess the Voltage would have gone up to 12V or maybe more.

With the fans in series, the amp still has airflow in there and at the domestic usage it gets, I don't think the amp will overheat.
If I was to use it for outdoors music, I sure would resolder for full airflow!

Thanks. :)
As noted on page 1, the new Crown XLi series looks interesting for home use. Not seeing much info on them yet. Basic and inexpensive, paired with a miniDSP it may be a viable system at similar cost to Behringer. The rca inputs with 0.7V input sensitivity could be a plus for consumer electronics users.
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