Amplifier For Pure Audio Horn1

I moving on to the next build, damned addicting it is. :D I built an F5T and BA-3 pre for a friend as well as the Elekit 8600.

I like a warm sound, or less highs as the Tinnitus is a factor there. The speakers are Pure Audio Horn1 and I also have a pair of highly modded Tekton DIs with crossovers outside the box. The 8600 runs them both nicely.

I'm thinking Monos, but not tied to that. I want something smooth and good for female vocals as well as guitars. The more complicated the music the more my ears strain. The build could be either tube or ss. SS with some tube sound would be great too. Anyone have an F5J? :p

If you have any ideas please post them and your thoughts. The room is smallish and well treated. I don't listen loud, If I want to do that I have a Lyngdorf, I can fire up.

Thanks in ad.

If you want less highs then an EQ or tone circuit is what you are looking for I think, any decent amp is flat across the audio band.

There is always the EQ option, but somehow I loath to go that route. What I try to do is get everything as good as I can with both the room and audio chain and when I get that as good as I can I tweak what's left. I'm looking for something that will help in that direction.

Thanks for chiming in.